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Relationship has teamed up with
HIPAA-compliant services to provide telehealth.

What is the cost per session?

Per Session


Session Time


ZOOM for Telehealth

ZOOM is used for all telehealth sessions.
It offers better connectivity, better access for clients,
and more features – including filters, whiteboard, and more!


Create a ZOOM login at:
This simplifies connecting to the
telehealth session.


You will need to download the ZOOM app, and create a login.
Connecting via a browser is an option, but may not consistently launch the meeting.


Check your email for:

  • Meeting ID
  • Passcode
  • “Join Zoom Meeting” Direct Link

Payments & Billing

Self-Pay Only

At this time, we do not accept or bill insurance. Through the client portal, we accept the following for payment:
All major credit, debit, FSA, and HSA cards.


Good Faith Estimate

The No Surprises Act went into effect on January 1, 2022. This requires clinicians to provide clients with a “Good Faith Estimate” of therapeutic treatment costs. It will be emailed to you after the first appointment.


Through the client portal, you may download an insurance “Superbill.” You may then submit your own claim directly to your insurance company.

Making an Appointment is Easy

Need More Info?

For step-by-step
“Client Portal”
instructions & screenshots,
check out the section below.

Ready to Make an Appointment?

Click the green “Client Portal” button below
to go directly to the client portal
and schedule an appointment.

Step-by-Step “Make an Appointment” Instructions

Step 1: Select Service

Step 1: Select Service
You are now in the Client Portal and this is the first screen you see after you click the green button, “Client Portal.”

On this screen, you’ll select your service:

  • Individual Psychotherapy, 40-min session
  • Couple or Relationship Psychotherapy, 40-min session

Click the green button “Select” to select your service and go to the next screen.

Step 2: Select Location

Step 2: Select Location

On this screen, you’ll select the office. There’s only one office to select, the “Telehealth Office.”

Click the green button “Select” to select the office and go to the next screen.

Step 3: Select Date & Time

Step 3: Select Date & Time
On this screen, you select the appointment that works best with your schedule.

  1. First, Click the day/date of the month to see available appointment times.
  2. Second, select the time on your right, Click the time you want to schedule and that will advance you to the next screen.


Step 4: Select Client

Step 4: Select Client

This screen allows you to select who the appointment is for:

  • Me
  • My Partner and Me

Make your selection and then Click the green button, “Next,” to advance to the next screen in the client portal.


Step 5: Your Information

Step 5: Your Information
This screen is where you will put your contact information and credit card information. You must input a credit card to secure the appointment. You won’t be charged until the day of the appointment.

  • Email Address: Be sure to use a safe email address that is only seen by you (work emails can be seen by employers)  to receive reminders of appointments, instructions about client paperwork, and other information from Relationship Therapy, LLC. regarding your therapy services.
  • Phone Number: You will receive text reminders regarding appointments so be sure to include a number where you don’t mind receiving therapy-related information.
  • Credit Card: You must input a credit card to secure the appointment. You won’t be charged until the day of the appointment. 

Click the green button “Request Appointment” and when your therapist confirms the appointment you’ll receive a notification via email.

Step 6: Thank You!

Step 6: Thank You! Appointment is scheduled

Once you have scheduled your appointment this is the final screen you’ll see in the client portal.

You will receive a confirmation, appointment reminders, and notices to fill out client paperwork through email.

Through text you’ll also be sent appointment reminders.

RULES for Telehealth

1. No Driving

While it’s tempting to make use of a long commute for a session, therapy may trigger emotional upset when challenging and difficult topics are explored. It is in the client’s best interest to focus on the therapeutic work without having to navigate distractions of traffic, lane changes, merging traffic, etc. Driving is not permitted during sessions.

2. Current Address

At the beginning of each and every session, the therapist will ask for  your current address and location. In the event of an emergency, such as an unexpected medical emergency, your therapist will need to contact emergency services with your correct location.

3. Only In Georgia

By law, clients must be located in the state the therapist is licensed in during the session. Currently, this is Georgia only.


Please note that recording any part or whole of a session, taking screenshots, recording calls, or any type of recording or saving of the session is NOT ALLOWED. This is due to both legal and ethical issues. 

5. Secure & Confidential Environment

Typically, when a client visits a therapist’s office, a therapist provides a soothing, safe environment for the session. For telehealth, clients will need to provide for themselves this soothing safe space that’s both quiet and confidential for the duration of the appointment. A few suggestions include a spare room, the closet, an office, a quiet back porch, or a parked car if it is safely located.

6. No Substance Use

The reason clients may not use substances such as a relaxing glass of wine during a session is because if speech is slurred and balance is off,  it is impossible for the therapist to determine via video whether the client is experiencing a medical emergency such as a stroke,  or a serious reaction to mental health medications, or intoxication. Emergency services will be called for a well-check if a client’s behavior is concerning to the therapist.

7. Comfortable and Appropiate

Clients do need to be appropriately dressed for the session. However, shoes are completely optional for both client and therapist.

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